Brandy and Tyrese dating??


Pictures of Tyre & his wife:

Hmmm…I’m gonna go with his wife in the first pic and Brandy in the second… They kind of favor each other… Tyrese wouldn’t cheat on her. Brandy was at his wedding and baby shower. They have been friends for years.. but you know the media will be tearing this up! Brandy’s PR people need get pics of Brandy and the wife immediately!!!

_______FROM TMZ—–

The paps caught singers Tyrese and Brandy out & about together in Century City, CA on Sunday.

From the website:I suspected they might be kicking it when I heard rumors to that effect not too long ago. But I dismissed the rumors because Tyrese just got married, didn’t he?

Anyway, I wish I had a pitt bull and about a thousand pairs of old jeans. I would throw the jeans to my dog and let him rip them to shreds. Then I would put the jeans on eBay and sell them for about a thousand bucks a piece.

I’m in the wrong field.

Photos: Faded Youth

From Me: brandy and Tyrese are long time friends an are NOT dating. Brandy was recently at his baby shower and wedding! Brandy is not a homewrecker!

One Response to “Brandy and Tyrese dating??”
  1. divine says:

    Didn’t even know that Tyrese had gotten married….good for him, I guess.

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