Brandy in Philly Friday Night (Video/Story/Pictures)

Friday night’s fog in Philly kept singer/actress Brandy’s plane on the tarmac at LAX for three hours, delaying her planned 7 p.m. private show for Wired 96.5 listeners till nearly 11 p.m.

At the aloft (the luxury hotel with the Annoyingly lowercased name near Philadelphia International), Brandy decided that the show had to go on, right then and there. She elected not to change outfits or apply stage makeup.

After apologizing for being late, she sang two songs and did a Q&A for about 10 minutes. Photogs were barred from the performance; these were taken through a door. She told the Wired crew that she had flown to Philly just for this gig and was flying back to L.A. on Saturday as she has promotions on Saturday and Sunday. Then it’s back to NYC on Monday.

Photog HughE Dillon, whose charms are legendary, got her to pose later with aloft’s Nina Timani and Wired’s Leo Baldwin and Kannon. Dillon says Brandy was sweet. That smile may have to do with what she saw behind Dillon as he was setting up the group photo: a guy carrying bags of food from McDonald’s.

Here are some Photos:


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