Right Here (Departed) Song Writers Talk About Brandy!

Hamada: – How does it feel to have Brandy’s new single, “Right Here (Departed)”? And do you think it’s the perfect comeback vehicle regardless of its performance on the charts?


David “DQ” Quinones: – I sure hope it is!!!  Brandy is/was a dream come true for me. Brandy and Rodney were people I once said “One day I am going to work with them” as I’m blasting Full Moon. Not ever thinking it might really happen and then we get her first single together.  Words can’t really describe what I am really feeling (I still don’t believe it), and it was TWC’s first release as a team, so that is always special.


Erika Nuri: – I am personally a fan of Brandy and it is truly and honor and a blessing to have her first single, especially knowing that so many other great songwriters and producers were gunning for it and are on the album. I do think it’s a perfect comeback song for her. A song for her old fans, but also new enough for kids that have never heard her before to gravitate too. 


Evan “Kidd” Bogart: – It’s an honor to have Brandy’s voice bless your lyrics and melody. I think it’s definitely a great comeback song for her, stylistically and conceptually. Although it has definitely been a slower build than most expected, KIIS in LA and Z100 in NY, the top two stations in the country, have just added the song and starting to really give it some airplay, along with Boston, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, San Diego, Miami and other major radio markets. Brandy hasn’t had an album out in over 4 years and a successful album in over 6 years. A lot of these kids don’t really know her or aren’t connected to her like many of her fans used to be. It’s like working a new artist.



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