Brandy Update #5 New Kyte Video

Brandy has been on her kyte thingy quite often these days keeping the fans updating about what is going on! You have GOT to check out where she performed at last night! YOU MAY NOT BELIEVE IT!!!! CLICK HERE!!

[ appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/110857&embedId=49354422&premium=true&height=500&width=425]

Brandy is on 106 & Park on Monday! WE HAVE TO GET HER TO #1!!!! Here is how!

3 Ways to Vote

Vote online (Clear your cookies and vote again and again…clearing your cookies each vote)

Vote by Phone – 1-800-617-5483 (call on weekdays from 5:30-6:00pm EST) (IMPORTANT!!!)

Text votes via cell phone – Text “Vote” to 23888 and then wait for the reply and go to the link provided (works for phone with internet capability and people overseas with cell phones)

Have you bought Brandy’s song on itunes yet? Yesterday, RH(D) was as high as #52 on the itunes charts… We can do WAYYY better than that Stars. Go to!

True Exclusives catches Brandy outside of TRL looking AMAZING!


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