Radio Statiosn that Added RHD This week!!!

ADDS this week!!!

CFBT-FM Pub 9 Canada-Top 40 Vancouver
CHUM-FM Pub 5 Canada-Hot AC Toronto
CIOO-FM Pub 2 Canada-Hot AC Halifax
KHOP-FM Pub 8 Top 40 Modesto, CA
KHTS-FM Pub 2 Top 40 San Diego
KIIS-FM Pub 0 Top 40 Los Angeles
KSPW-FM Pub 0 Top 40 Springfield, MO
KZMG-FM Pub 9 Top 40 Boise, ID
KZZP-FM Pub 0 Top 40 Phoenix
WBBM-FM Pub 10 Rhythmic Chicago
WIOQ-FM Pub 13 Top 40 Philadelphia
WKKF-FM Pub 5 Top 40 Albany, NY
WKST-FM Pub 7 Top 40 Pittsburgh
WNKS-FM Pub 11 Top 40 Charlotte
WPXY-FM Pub 11 Top 40 Rochester
WWDM-FM Pub 9 Urban AC Columbia, SC
WXXX-FM Pub 7 Top 40 Burlington, VT
WYOY-FM Pub 3 Top 40 Jackson, MS

I see the Top 40 is making it happen and the West Coast is hopping on board!!! I love it!

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One Response to “Radio Statiosn that Added RHD This week!!!”
  1. Ken Dahl says:

    Hey this is Ken Dahl, the webmaster over at BSource. Just wanted to say thanks for the info! Cool site.

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