Brandy Album Updates 2

Hey everybody!

Just a few updates. Epic has uploaded “Long Distance” to Brandy’s Myspace page FINALLY! Speaking of Myspace, they are featuring “Long Distance on their music page! CLICK HERE to check that out!

I also heard that Ray Kay as video director for Long Distance is a RUMOR! I will keep you updated. Apparently there are Brandy fansout there that ae not feeling his work. If Destiny’s Child’s SOLDIER was some his best work… I need them to keep looking!!! NEXT!

Did you know you can buy the album on presale now? Amazon is selling the album and so far, here are its numbers! Click HERE for source!

Overall Rank: #982
R&B: #71
Rap and Hip: #36

Pretty good for an album that hasn’t came out yet! This is just presales on this one site!

We heard the audio for this but check out the video! Brandy interviewed with Hot 97 a couple weeks ago! Check this video out!

Brandy is also doing Hot 97’s Check the Rhyme concert on November 21st! Wish I could go! Anybody going?

ADD BRANDY on Myspace!!! Save her as a friend and write on her wall! Her page is:

One Response to “Brandy Album Updates 2”
  1. nellybfreshz says:

    omg thanx for 4 all ur updates not many brandy sites lately

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