Climbing the charts!!!

Brandy’s Single “Right Here (Departed)” is fastly gaining attention. It jumped from #52 on the charts to the #36 spot. Expect that number to change for next Thursday when the tallies will include all of the MP3 sales. If you have not already, purchase “Right Here” from any national MP3 vender (itune, rhapsody, etc). It is due to hit mainstream radio (Stations that play more than R&B) on September 25th. The song got 336 more spins on R&B radio and over 6 million people have heard the song via their radio station. For its second week, it is doing extremely well. Lets continue to make it #1

One Response to “Climbing the charts!!!”
  1. barnell says:

    Y’all better support Brandy. Lets send this song to number 1. We also have to spread the word by word of mouth because Brandy has more to come back from(her absence, and a certain accident that we won’t go into.)

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